Tonmai Pouch

These zippered pouches are perfect for carrying your small essentials! 

Made by Khmu artisans in Laos using organic handspun fiber, it is socially responsible, fair trade, and eco-friendly all in one! To make the bags, they harvest stems from a fast-growing native vine, Pueraria phaseoloides. When harvesting the vine, the Khmu leave the crown in the ground so that the vine, a perennial, can regrow rapidly. Using a sharp blade, they split the stems and strip the fiber from the pulp. The waste pulp, or hurd, is fed to their chicken or goats, leaving nothing to waste. They hang the fine hair-like bast fibers to dry, and once dry, they hand-spin the fiber using no tools, just their hands and legs, and spool it onto a stick in preparation for making Nature Bags or other JungleVine® products.

Small - anything smaller than Medium, Medium approx. 5.5 x 4", Large approx. 7 x 4.5"

Made in Laos

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