Seeds of Occupation, Seeds of Possibility

Seeds of Occupation, Seeds of Possibility

 The Agrochemical-GMO Industry in Hawaiʻi

Hawaiʻi is a primary site for development of herbicide-resistant corn seed and, until recently, was host to more experimental field trials of genetically engineered crops than anywhere else in the world. It is also a node of powerful resistance. While documentaries and popular news stories have profiled the biotech seed industry in Hawaiʻi, Seeds of Occupation, Seeds of Possibility is the first book to detail the social and historical conditions by which the chemical-seed oligopoly came to occupy the most geographically isolated islands in the world and made the soils of Hawaiʻi the epicenter of agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology testing.

Andrea Noelani Brower is an activist-scholar from Kaua‘i. Her scholarship is rooted in collective movements for justice, equality, liberation, and ecological regeneration. She teaches in sociology, environmental studies, and leadership studies at Gonzaga University.

224 Pages
Andrea Noelani Brower
Printed in the United States

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