Kauai Stories

Kauai Stories

Enjoy the warmth, spirit and adventure of Kauai in 50 inspiring, humorous and touching personal stories told by the island’s people.

Dance hula with an award-winning hula instructor who helps keep this cultural tradition alive. Make salt the traditional way Hawaiians have been making salt for centuries.

Discover the aloha spirit of Kauai's people through their stories of growing up island-style, living in multi-cultural sugar plantation "camps," going barefoot until high school and making toys with whatever was on hand, like Frisbees from car-flattened, sun-dried toads.

Smile at humorous tales of acceptance and affection for members of the island’s wild chicken population.

Get to know patriotic Japanese American soldiers born on Kauai as they fight for the United States in World War II against Japan, the country of their parents' birth.

Journey with Kauai people who have sailed thousands of miles across oceans in a voyaging canoe, navigating only by the stars, moon, sun and waves as their ancestors did when they discovered Hawaii more than 1,500 years ago.

Feel the ocean spray as Kauai residents share their love of surfing, canoe paddling and strolling along secluded sandy beaches, often making the only footsteps in the sand.

310 pages
Pamela Varma Brown

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